Black History Month: Mind, Body and Soul

Black History Month Celebration: Mind, Body & Soul

Whitney Plantation will celebrate Black History Month on Saturday, Februrary 17 in partnership with the First Community Antioch Baptist Church. Whitney Plantation’s historical Antioch church was the original home of this congregation. The building that we preserve on our grounds was built by the founding members of Antioch in 1870, all of whom were freedpeople. The First Community Antioch Baptist Church donated this original building to Whitney Plantation before the museum’s opening.

The schedule for the day is as follows:

10:00 AM – Antioch Baptist Church – Invocation by Senior Pastor Dr. Steven Beckham and talk with oldest member of the Antioch congregation, Mrs. Helen McGee

10:30 AM – Antioch Baptist Church – First Community Antioch Baptist Church choir performs

12:00 PM – Visitor Center – Panel discussion about the lasting effects of racial trauma with Dr. Nyoki Cosey-Brown, Candice Sorapuru, and Tina M. Harris.

1:30 PM – Antioch Baptist Church – Liturgical dancers of First Community Antioch Baptist Church perform

2:30 PM – Antioch Baptist Church – Award ceremony

All Day – Food by DATs Dem food truck; community tables from Delgado Community College; Tulane University medical mobile unit; All of Us Heritage research; Louisiana Department of Health.