Living History Interpretation with Inalienable Rights and Slave Dwelling Project

Inalienable Rights: Living History through the Eyes of the Enslaved at Whitney Plantation

Join the Slave Dwelling Project and members of the Inalienable Rights interpretive group as they bring to life the stories of enslaved people at Whitney Plantation. Using a combination of historical techniques, research, and storytelling, founder Joseph McGill Jr., and historians Tammy Gibson and Nicole A. Moore will explore the ways in which enslaved African Americans lived, survived, and resisted slavery.

On Friday, November 3, from 10 AM until 1:30 PM, Gibson, Moore and McGill will engage visitors to Whitney Plantation by demonstrating cooking and laundry techniques used by enslaved laborers on plantations. Visitors are encouraged to engage with these historians and ask questions about their research.

Location: Whitney Plantation, 5099 Highway 18, Wallace, LA